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attey & lin

‧2015.8.17~19 MAGIC SHOW in Las Vegasnew
‧2016.1.24~27 ISPO Winter in Munich Germanynew
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Brand Intro

Attey & Lin originated in Australia (the land of kangaroos) and features a design collaboration between Taiwan and Australia. It is our core value and ultimate goal of design to let people live a better life. After doing detailed and thorough research, along with positive feedback from knee injury patient's two-year product testing, Attey & Lin finally debuted the innovative shoes. The shoes are just too good to take them off ! We sincerely hope everyone gets a chance to put them on to experience the benefits of exceptional performance.

Brand Story

You may not be familiar with the story of Attey & Lin . However, you definitely know people who are in great need of a pair comfortable shoes, due to long-term standing, pregnancy or suffering from bone spurs etc. And even if you don’t suffer from these problems, everyone wants to avoid them and be comfortable anyway. The innovators, Graeme Attey and Cadmus Lin, came up with the Elastoweb™ shoe idea after seeing an old man on a trampoline. With the ability of elastic materials to absorb impact, Elastoweb shoes decrease the ground reaction force to our knees by suspending our feet from the ground. After two years research, overcoming perceived barriers to realize our passion, we have finally perfected our shoes with exceptional energy absorption PLUS energy return.

Brand Features

It is the innovative sole designed by Attey & Lin that makes our shoes more comfortable than others. Most of the shoes on the market place an emphasis on energy absorption, with little thought to energy return. The more energy absorbed, the more energy is available for return, but conventional shoes waste this, having very little energy return. This results in more energy being used by the person walking, particularly on surfaces such as sand. Attey & Lin Elastoweb Dura-Suspension System significantly decreases the reaction force impacting on the knees by suspending our feet from the ground with elastic material, also providing great energy return without harsh impact. It effectively reduces the chance of injuring our feet when walking on a rough road and gives you a comfortable walking experience.
1.Exceptionally High Energy Return.
The Elastoweb Dura-Suspension System transfers the ground reaction force into energy return, making it effortless and easier to walk.
2. Dura-Suspension Energy Absorption.
Separating our feet from the ground, with the ability to absorb energy from two dimensions, providing exceptional energy return.
3. Stable Outsole Attachment To The Ground.
The outsole of the shoes deforms and enfolds around any obstacles stepped on, which gives you the feeling of walking on a flat surface.
4. Pressure Dispersing Technology.
The Elastoweb fits individual foot shapes perfectly, dispersing any pressure compressed through the web system, and keeps you from breaking ankles.
5. Exceptional Ventilation.
The web structure in the soles lets the air pass through easily.
6. Long Lasting Durable Structure.
One-piece formed sole gives you a more durable wearing experience and prevents it from performance failure.